Free American Girl Doll Bedding Pattern by Ribbonwood Cottage Designs

Hey everyone,  I thought it would be great to walk you through making some cute doll bedding for a doll bed near you! I actually make doll bedding and patterns for a living. Everyone knows someone with a doll that needs a cute bedding set. Go get your cute fabric and meet me back here!

When I first started making patterns and figuring out measurements for doll beds, I found that beds were often different widths and sizes, and doll bedding was often made using unfortunate looking fabric. hahaha…..UGLY! It seemed people didn’t want to throw that UGLY fabric away so they decided to make a doll blanket with it!

You will need a few things to get started-

1 yard of pretty fabric ( I used black and white check) one yard is more than enough, but it is better to be safe than sorry I have found.

1/2 yard coordinating fabric (for doll mattress)

1 spool or 2 yards – Coordinating trim, ribbon or lace ( I used pink pom pom fringe, and then matched the mattress fabric to the color of the pom pom fringe) 

Straight pins, needles, thread

Sewing machine




Let’s get started! 

Comforter Cutting:

Cut a large rectangle cotton piece (I used black and white cotton check fabric) 19″ x 44″.


Fold this piece in half, with right sides together. It will now measure 19″ x 22″. Pin 3 sides (remember one side is folded). Mark an area to be left open on one side about 5″ long. I use two straight pins next to each other to notify me that I need to stop sewing, or start sewing. Otherwise I often get distracted and just keep sewing and sewing and sewing!


Sew around the three sides of the comforter, leaving the 5″ area on the side open and not sewn.

Be sure to remove all the straight pins, and trim threads when done sewing.  Turn the comforter right sides out. Using a pencil, or poking tool work at the corners to make them come to a nice point, removing any extra fabric that bunches up in the corners. Press comforter flat.

Fold in  the raw edges of the side opening 1/4″. Make sure the folded edges are straight when pinned closed. Top stitch around the edge of the entire comforter. Top stitching will sew the comforter closed. 

Next cut a strip of POM POM fringe, or Rick Rack a little wider than the comforter. The edges will be folded under so the raw edges do not show. Measure and Pin the Fringe 4″ below the top edge of the comforter. Sew across. Remove pins and trim threads.

Pillow Cutting:Cut 2 pieces of fabric 6″ x 9″. Cut 1 piece of POM POM fringe or other embellishment 9″ long.


The pillow will be sewn in a similar manner as the comforter.  Pin the fringe 2″ below the top edge of the pillow piece. Sew across the fringe adhering it to the fabric. Remove pins and trim threads.

Pin the two pillow pieces with right sides together. Sew around the pillow leaving at least 3″ open. Remove pins and trim threads. Turn pillow right sides out. Work on the corners so that they form a nice corner point. Press if needed. Now stuff with polyester stuffing till moderately full. Pillow does not need to be crammed full of stuffing. With a needle and thread, hand sew the pillow closed.

Mattress Cutting: Cut 2 pieces of fabric 11″ x 20″(I used dark pink fabric that matched the POM POM trim)


The mattress is just like sewing the pillow except that it is longer.

I make doll bedding professionally and have found that doll beds are all different sizes….even though they may say they are a standard size….it is always good to measure them.

Many doll beds for an American Girl Doll or18″ doll are between 18″ and 19″.  To make a basic mattress without any frills, measure the doll bed and add 1″ to the length and 1″ to the width.

For this pattern we will make a mattress for a 19″ bed. Just a little secret though….the more you stuff a doll mattress with stuffing, the shorter it becomes! It may look like a giant pillow too!

Pin right sides of the fabric together. Sew around the mattress leaving a 5″ opening for turning right sides out. 

When sewing is complete, remove pins and trim threads. Turn right sides out. Work on corners with a tool to make the corners form into a nice point.

Stuff with stuffing. Hand sew opening closed.

Place the mattress on the doll bed. Lay the comforter on top of the mattress. The comforter can be folded back or cover the entire mattress. 

I ended up making two American Girl sized comforters and folding one at the bottom of the bed for a cute layered look. I also liked the look of two pillows.

The French style fabric is from Joann’s Fabric store. It had so much writing and design on it, it did not need any extra embellishment on it.

Thank you so much for visiting!  I hope you enjoy this pattern and make wonderful bedding for wonderful dolls!