Free Fall Printables

Hey everyone I don’t know about you but I love free stuff. Free Printables have always been a favorite. Whether it is a free Vintage style printable, Free Cross stitch or Quilting pattern, or maybe  a printable I can use in one of my Organizational planners, they are always a great resource.  These are wonderful and vintage. I Love how they look.

Apples caramel fall square

Fall 2 fall 3 fall 5 kids fall wheat Acorn fall apple cider cake fall corn wheat stalks fallThese are a few of my favorite Fall Printables. I have printed some out, and just trimmed them down to fit a frame, or I have tucked them behind a fall vignette for a little extra color in a grouping.

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pattern frontAmerican Girl Doll, Barbie/Blythe, and Miniature Dollhouse Size.

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Americana Cottage Style Flag

Hey everyone! With July 4th right around the corner, I have been planning on decorating and cooking for the Holiday!

Joining in today @ Feathered Nest Friday~

We always have an enormous family get together and gathering. Food preparation takes a priority, with color schemes, matching plates, dishes, cups and centerpieces all reflecting Red, White and Blue.


IMG_9910We have a wonderful time eating! But the decorating is my favorite thing to do. I’m a Patriotic girl through and through. (These are miniatures I made in the past, with an Americana theme!)


These are all done in miniature. Little quilts, pillows and food items, all are fun in red, white and blue.

IMG_9913With that thought in mind I created a simple pattern to make a Cottage Style Americana flag. If you are like me and love to sew, then you enjoy buying fabric, lace, trim, rick rack, special items for sewing….it is fun!



Flag pattern is so easy with simple to follow instructions and photos.

Are you doing anything fun for July 4th?




Shabby and Cottage Style Americana Boho Flag

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you these cute flags. They are everywhere….I’ve seen them on sewing sites and they are so cute I had to make some in miniature. They have a Shabby/Boho/Cottage flavor to them. But for someone who sews, they are wonderful because of all the various fabrics that can be used! These are little and fun to make.IMG_5664


So I started looking through my stash, picking fabrics…Americana, reds and blues, then coastal colors, then shabby colors. Before you know it I had yards and yards of fabric, that I would only use a little bit of, and snipped it into 1/2″ wide strips that were several inches long. I also got out all kinds of laces and trims, making strips for the flags from those too.


My shop has the picture pattern and directions if you want to see how to make them.

They  are wonderful for res-purposing your lace, trims, buttons, and extra fabric. You can go for a modern look, Americana look, or shabby, prim look….I have made several so far! I just love them.IMG_5671

How fun! It is a wonderful little pattern, and yet gives very cute results!

I hope you make several. I’d love to see your creations!




3 Life choices-New Business, New Direction, New Education!

Since your skin is the first thing people see, doesn’t it make sense to just take care of it….like you would your car, your home, your hair?

I first became a consultant for Rodan + Fields, when my
current job of 25 years didn’t fit my life. I had to quit my job to take care of my wonderful parents. A new responsibility and one
I decided to navigate well and with purpose. I had been an Administrative assistant to a Nationally known Minister and speaker.
A wonderful job in so many ways. But as my parents needed to move in with my husband and I, I had to make a choice and I ended
up quitting my job. That career box didn’t meet the criteria of my new responsibilities.

A good friend recommended Rodan + Fields. I said no thanks, I don’t do direct sales. Over the next hour he encouraged me to try this
new Company, work from home, take care of my parents while working when I could, and making an income. I argued, said no….said… yes.

I can’t believe I almost walked away from the opportunity. I had to do something, and I had to make income while fulfilling what I
felt I needed to do. This couldn’t have been a more perfect choice…uncomfortable for my comfort zone. But very workable, very smart, and what I didn’t realize I needed.
business 6

All my training was online by everyday men and women who were making a great deal of money….and they were so helpful, nice and supportive. I hadn’t met too many people in business like this. They had nothing to gain by how I did. Yet every day I went online and read, educated myself, listened to training videos and calls. I wanted to represent myself well as a new Consultant. This was new, but I was determined to navigate
this new direction well. And there were so many people right there to answer every question and encourage me every step of the way. I loved it!

Before I knew it I was encouraged to start my team, my inner circle of Consultants to share with and train together with. Several
favorite people were on my list and I talked to them and encouraged them to try this new opportunity with me.

Meanwhile my parents needed full time care, and I was able to love them and be with them till the end of their lives. And I couldn’t
have done this while trying to fit into a box of a career or a full time job I had to drive to. Now I had a team, customers, I was training….
my college degree Social Work and Counseling wasn’t a fit for this season of my life, neither was my old job. And I LOVED what I was
doing, all the training, from people who had had personal set backs, divorces, or life altering changes, were all so encouraging.
I couldn’t believe I had originally said no!

Nothing about this business is hard. Every question answered, every attempt at this new business is encouraged, and my skin
problems I had had for 40+ years were gone. For the first time ever, my skin cleared up, spots disappeared, wrinkles diminished…
I was speechless. I had been cynical….so I honestly was speechless. And I quickly made what I would consider monthly income.

Now I am able to do what I love and work from home. I have a side business where I create, design and make patterns, handmade necessities and dollhouse miniatures and sell them all over the world. I get to do what I love and Rodan + Fields gives me the time freedom to do this, all because I made an uncomfortable change in my life.

Now I can’t possibly go back to the box I once fit in.V18A

New Business, New Direction and this New Education has created a New Me….and I’m rather fond of the New Season I am in.

I have an amazing Team, to join or just look at the possibilities look here @

#1 Anti-Aging and Products look here @

Free Pattern-Miniature Doll Flag Pillow and more

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my new blog. For years I was on Blogspot as and it was wonderful while it lasted.

It served its purpose. And I met a lot of amazing people during my time there. I’ve moved to WordPress for a variety of reasons. And I’m excited to start my blog off with a Free Pattern for all of you!

Free Flag Pillow Front

I want to share a simple giveaway pattern for you. I  decided to share this easy pattern for making a small (dollhouse miniature size) pillow for upcoming holidays. I don’t know about you but I love to look at upscale catalogs and look at their gorgeous rooms that are decorated for each season. I kept coming across wonderful pillows on beds and couches. It seemed like a simple idea to have the look with the right fabrics, yet easy enough to make in an hour. And that is what this pattern does.

To purchase the pattern for the dollhouse bedding you see in the photo above (which is very easy to make) go here @

The key is to use navy with stars fabric for the flag corner, and red and white, or red and cream striped fabric for the other part of the flag. Here are the directions:


Cut 2 rectangles from red and cream ticking fabric, or one in a different backing fabric.
2” x 2 1/2”
Cut one 1 1/4” x 1 1/4” square from navy fabric with stars
Place the navy square in the top left hand side of the red rectangle fabric. Pin in place. Sew around the inside edge of the navy square attaching it to red fabric as shown in the photo.

The square fabric fits in the top left hand corner, sewn in place before the two pillow pieces are sewn together.

When making a pillow I always sew 3 sides (like a pillowcase looks, 3 sides sewn, one side open) and leave a small side (4th side) open. Turn right sides out, stuff, and sew closed. Place both rectangles together with right sides facing each other. Pin together.

*Extra idea
These little flag pillows would be cute since they are so small to add a pin backing and worn as a little Patriotic embellishment on clothes during the Summer season!




Sew around three sides, leaving one side open. Turn right sides out, and work on corners with a straight pin to be pointy.


Stuff with a very small amount of stuffing. Turn raw edges in 1/4”, pin and then hand sew closed.IMG_3715


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New Embroidery Patterns and a Free Valentine’s Day Design just for you

Free Valentine Heart pattern front

Hello, glad you came by! I hope you enjoy this Free Valentine Heart Embroidery Pattern I have made for you.

It is quick to embroider, and very easy. Would be great for a mommy and me project if you have some little ones.

My mom taught me how to embroider when I was 4. A simple embroider stitch….an outline  or back stitch. But it is a continuous line. Very very easy.


Designing patterns is one of the things I have been plotting and planning all year long. I primarily make little patterns for dolls and dollhouses, but I have expanded into embroidery.

I think basic stitchery is fun for kids and grown ups alike.

Miniature kitchen towels pattern front cherry

New patterns with a vintage twist.  My husbands grandmother was an avid stitcher. She carried around her famous sewing basket (now mine!) and always had an embroidery project going on. Loved those vintage embroidery patterns.

Kitchen Helpersfruitsalad copy

She loved to embroidery pillowcases and kitchen towels. I loved whatever she made, and I was always grateful for one of her well loved stitched items. Usually stitched on white cotton! Her favorite.

vintage flowers              Kitchen Helpersfruitsalad copy

My Etsy shop – is filled with needful things for dolls, dollhouses, doll beds, and other necessities!  I can’t believe how much I have loved creating so many things for children all over the world.


I am making some new little patterns.
I have created some new Embroidery patterns that are little in scale, simple to embroider, and easy to finish even for a beginner.  My mother taught me how to hand sew and occupy me during church. I loved sewing little Barbie Doll skirts, blankets and pillows. As I grew I also improved in my sewing skills.
Today I am offering a free Embroidery pattern for you to try! It is easy. I promise it really is easy!
For Valentines Day.  Just a quick little something to stitch up for someone special!
Valentine hearts Scan                   IMG_7468
Thread needle and knot thread.
Using a straight stitch, outline stitch, begin stitching around the lines you have traced.
The outline stitch or straight stitch is very easy. With threaded needle come up through the fabric (A) and go down into the fabric (B) and come out where the needle  point is in the picture below.
 I used a variety of thread colors because I wanted to be able to use the finished design all year long.
 With the end of your thread knotted, come up through the fabric at a starting point.(wherever you want)  Go back down through fabric and make sure the thread stays knotted, or you will just pull thread through over and over again! Hahaha….yes I have done this!
IMG_7597          IMG_7600
Using small stitches, outline each heart and the words. Use all the same colored thread or different colors of pinks and reds.
Once the stitching is finished, take the fabric out of the hoop and press it.  Place fabric back into hoop and tighten hoop.
Trim around edge of hoop and remove extra fabric.
Tie a cute bow and glue it to the top of the hoop and use for hanging or giving as a gift to your someone special!
Can you imagine if you spray painted the hoop pink? How cute would that be?
Cupcake embroidery pattern front
Miniature Embroidered Kitchen Towels Cake & Cake plate front Miniature kitchen towels pattern front cherry (1)
If you would like to try some of my embroidery patterns (yes they are SOOOOO easy) come by and take a visit and see them here!