Rustic Winter Christmas-Dollhouse Bedding

Hey everyone! Working now towards the winter months…and it is still very hot outside!

IMG_8110I was contacted by a magazine editor, and was very excited to put together a winter collection.  When I’m putting together a collection I get a theme, and a direction for the theme, then I usually do three things.  I make a collection for a bedroom, a kitchen/dining room and an outside/porch design.

Yes this is for a dollhouse magazine….however….a great deal of what I do coincides with how I really decorate my home. I live in a large farmhouse with a very long and wonderful porch, on 3 acres. Often I get ideas from my own home, my likes and interests.

At my home I usually have a chair by the door with a potted plant, wreath, or seasonal item on it…a sign on the wall next to the door, and potted flowers with coordinating colors nearby.


Shelves at my real farmhouse hold canning jars filled with goodies, baking ingredients, stacks of dishes, stacks of kitchen towels and tons of cookbooks. WE also have several hundred chickens and sell Fresh Eggs at our farm, so in miniature you will usually see a bowl of little fresh eggs  and farmhouse signs on display!

During the winter months we will sit on our porch, and I cuddle up with quilts, throw, afghans and pillows. You get the picture? If it is the least bit chilly I pull out the quilts. And in the winter, every porch needs a cute Hot Cocoa bar right? Notice the little jar on the left with layered hot cocoa, creamer and peppermints in it.


Below is the actual room I set up for the magazine. It was little too big, too wide, so I used a piece of foam core board and made a wall behind the fireplace and brought the room in to be a little cozier. The window allows light from my real window in my sewing room so that the pictures I take are not dark. I am blessed with a lot of natural light.

Notice the wall too…my version of shiplap. I removed the slats from an old distressed shutter and hot glued them to the wall behind the bed! In a closeup no one would ever know….so it is our little secret ok?




Bedding pattern including pillow instructions and embroidery pattern can be found here @

Lots of goodies to be found here!

I love making little scenes. I have found great delight in making little vignettes from an actual room. I’m in the process of actually making bedding in a big size-regular human size! It will look a great deal like this picture. And the pillow? Yes I’m publishing this design too in life size. Easy to embroider and easy to make….should anyone want to make it!

But right now the miniature version of the pattern can be found here @

Let me know if you do the embroidery and the little bedding or pillow.

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Thank you!



American Miniaturist Featured Ribbonwood Cottage

Something wonderful happened. A magazine cover of my work!

Working on dollhouse miniatures, sewing items for little girls birthdays, and special items for young women getting married over the last few years has been a big task.

I’ve received custom orders for museum quality dollhouses requiring perfection when making doll bedding or dollhouse items that are hand sewn. I love to sew and have enjoyed all of this. And I have been asked to make doll bedding that perfectly matches the little childs room that an Interior Decorator has done, using the same fabrics, which were sent to me by the customer.
To my surprise I was contacted by a few magazine editors, and asked to decorate some Red, White and Blue rooms and vignettes.


An Americana porch came to mind! Lots of pretty fabrics, flags and flowers.



American Miniaturist Magazine-July issue. I’m on the cover too, which is very exciting to me.IMG_4171
They can be seen at my Etsy shop for now here @
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