Halloween Decor & Free Vintage Style Halloween Printables

I don’t know about you but I secretly adore Halloween. I don’t act too

interested in front of the kids, but I’m happily cross stitching Halloween projects, working on tablescapes and decor in my home, eating a bit of candy here and there. What’s not to love?


I found wonderful vintage napkins and old plates at a thrift store, so I decided to layer them and set the table for a bit of whimsical fun.


I also took small canning jars and filled them with candy, wrapped a black and white gingham bow around the lid. My guests loved this.


Old vintage images are also fun to print out on tea stained or cream colored yardstick and placed in a frame. Very quick Halloween or Fall decorating. 

Since my business is all about dolls, I have quite a bit of doll furniture. I pulled out this black chest of drawers and filled it with candy. I love how it turned out.




fall-bird Hover over the image with your mouse, right click to save. Save to a file on your computer that you can find later.  Open the file, click on the image and click print. I love to print out on colored cardstock in beige or gray colors for an old world look. Trim down if necessary.

I also find ornate frames at the thrift store and spray paint them. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add a little fun Halloween decor without spending a lot of money.

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My new Ebook-List of 100 Ideas for Staging a Real Hot Cocoa/Hot Drinks Station

Hot Cocoa and Hot Drink Stations are fun and wonderful for family and friends that come over to visit. We have had a Drink Station for years on a vintage Hoosier that is in our kitchen. We live in a Farmhouse on a Farm and have people over often. Because the serving area for food is so crowded during our family events we actually had to create a Drink Station out of necessity. Way before the concept of a Hot Cocoa Station or Coffee Bar became popular.dscn3628

I recently was contacted from a magazine to do a Seasonal Winter scene and I decided to create a Hot Cocoa Station in miniature. It is very similar to the one on my real back porch! I realized I have been doing this at our Farmhouse for years. There were so many pictures of our real home when our kids were younger I decided to compile the pictures and the ideas and make an Ebook out of them. There are literally over 100 ideas, different themes, different decor ideas and  serving ideas.


Whether you want to create a little coffee/hot cocoa area on the counter or a larger display for a special event, I am sharing tons of ideas for placing items, decorating on the table, around the table, on the side of the table. Using Seasonal decorating themes to create a wonderful and fun area to have kid friendly drinks and a place to laugh and visit while guests are visiting!





Many of our friends prefer Hot Tea instead of Hot Cocoa, so we have a variety of Teas to choose from.



Even though some of these pictures are of miniatures, they actually are very similar to how I decorate and design a Hot Cocoa Station at home or for special events.

These are some of the pictures that will be in the Winter Issue of the Dolls’ House magazine, a British publication.


Take a look here. The Ebook shows you how to make a Real Hot Cocoa Station in your home.  I’m sure you will love the pictures, ideas and guidelines for easily making one in your home. Tons of pictures and ideas, instantly downloaded!


And a Free Printable for you to save to your computer. Print out on Card stock and then frame for a Vintage sign to use while decorating your Hot Cocoa Station!




Polymer clay DIY Little Aqua Pumpkins

I wanted to share with you all how to make simple polymer pumpkins-prefereably Aqua!


We live on 3 acres and when our kids were younger we grew Organic produce, and always planted pumpkins. They are easy to grow and always look amazing when they are ready to be picked. So I decided to make some little pumpkins for my Etsy and Shopify shop to sell for the Fall months.

img_9285 One of my favorites is a Pumpkin called a Cinderella pumpkin. Similar to the ones below in this wheelbarrow I found on Google. The ones we grew were magical looking!

aqua blue pumpkins

The grooves in the pumpkins are much deeper than basic pumpkins. It ended up being the loveliest shade of aqua with a tinge of beige, or greige coloring to it. Not a bright aqua, but very muted. The shape of the pumpkin was in my thinking breath taking! hahaha, if you love pumpkins like I do, you will love this pumpkin!img_9294

aqua blue pumpkins 2

Basic Supply List

White polymer clay, various chalks (you can buy a box of colored chalks in the artist section of a craft store for under $5.00), toothpicks, soft paint brushes -medium sized and small sized. Something to bake the clay on, an old cookie sheet, or pie pan will work fine.

To begin, take a small amount of white clay and roll it around in your hand to soften it up. It should be smaller than 1″ around. I start with a small size of clay, maybe the size of a marble. With the toothpick, make a small hole at the top. This is the top of the pumpkin.

Next using the toothpick or needle, make indentations from the top towards the bottom of the pumpkin.. Do this in 5 or 6 places to replicate the ridges on the sides of a pumpkin. I placed a toothpick inside the hole of the pumpkin so that it could be shaded without having to touch the pumpkin and accidentally indenting it with my fingers (this happens alot haha!)

aqua pumpkin diy

Next I take the colors of chalk I want to use, in this case aqua, light blue, etc. I scrape some chalk off with a sharp tool. I used a razor blade. I didn’t have any little ones around so this was a safe tool for me to use. Please use something else though if you have children around.

With the larger paint brush (keep it dry) I dabbed the brush into the aqua loose chalk and began to brush the sides, top and bottom of the pumpkin. I used a toothpick to move the pumpkin around. I then used some other shades of chalk until I got the color I wanted. A little green, a little light blue, darker aqua around the center top of the pumpkin where the stem is going to be.

aqua pumpkin 2

Next I pulled off more white chalk, and rolled it in between my fingers till it was the width of the toothpick. I cut it about 3/4″ long and rolled the top down to be a stem. I used the small brush and brushed it brown and gold to replicate a dried pumpkin stem. Then using another toothpick, I pressed down on the pumpkin while pulling out the toothpick that was in the pumpkin.

PicMonkey ImageUsing the toothpick I lifted up the stem and maneuvered it into the hole that the toothpick left. Just take your time doing this. I dropped the stem a couple of times, so keep doing it till the stem is in the pumpkin. Press down on the sides near the stem to lock it into place. Dab a little more chalk around the stem area if needed. Once you are happy bake according to the manufacturers instructions. I bake them at 250 degrees for about 12-15 minutes….and I touch them to make sure they are not still soft.


Let them cool and then use them for display with little vignettes. I love creating small seasonal vignettes on a shelf in the dining room so I can enjoy it and see it. You don’t have to have a dollhouse just to decorate with miniatures.  And the pumpkins can be made any size actually!

Joining in with Kim @ http://www.savvysouthernstyle.net/2016/09/wow-us-wednesdays-292.html#more

If you visit craft stores you will see that there is a growing popularity in Halloween and Fall villages using miniatures not just Christmas villages.

I love that. Blessings,




Woodland Bear, Doll Bedding and Free Rustic Woodland Printable

I have had this idea about camping, the woodland style look and rustic style bedding, bears, wild animals….

woodland bear and doll bedding pattern front

While growing up my parents often took us camping in Yosemite National park.https://www.nps.gov/yose/index.htm


Camping was fun because my parents made it fun. They were excited so we were excited. I planned for weeks which toys I would take. My Barbie dolls and baby dolls were at the top of the list, which meant they needed sleeping bags!  Often times that meant a pretty piece of fabric folded in half and my dolls were slipped inside the fold.

Hours of fun were to be had when the toys went camping with me! We built a campground for them, or at least I did. Yosemite had stuffed toy bears that were always fun to scare my Barbie dolls with! And there were real  bears too….I always hoped we would see one and we usually did. Below is just a fun picture I found of a bear at a picnic table. Hahaha…I never saw this, but I did see bears get into our ice chests where the food was. That was before they came up with bear lockers to keep them out of our food!


I put rocks in a ring and made a campfire for them, used little sticks for firewood. It was a great deal of fun for a little girl.

This bed set that I just designed is a fun little pattern made with pretty flannel plaid fabric  and a little fun fur. Easy pattern, pretty fabric and the end result is a fun little set for an American Girl doll or 18″ size baby doll.


collageThe bear was an extra idea that just seemed too cute to leave out.

Now here in my Etsy shop @https://www.etsy.com/listing/463660278/woodland-bear-and-doll-bedding-18?ref=shop_home_active_1

People usually have strong feelings about camping one way or another.Whether you love or hate camping….but enjoy the woodland/rustic/cabin look, How about a free Printable? I offered this last winter before the Christmas season. I created and designed it. I printed several out, cut them into squares and used them to make a rustic looking garland/banner with clothespins and twine! It’s a little Christmasy but still has that woodland look to it.  I’m creating another one for this Christmas season coming up, but it won’t be out till October.NEUTRAL CHRISTMAS SAYINGS AND SQUARES

Have a great week!


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Rustic Winter Christmas-Dollhouse Bedding

Hey everyone! Working now towards the winter months…and it is still very hot outside!

IMG_8110I was contacted by a magazine editor, and was very excited to put together a winter collection.  When I’m putting together a collection I get a theme, and a direction for the theme, then I usually do three things.  I make a collection for a bedroom, a kitchen/dining room and an outside/porch design.

Yes this is for a dollhouse magazine….however….a great deal of what I do coincides with how I really decorate my home. I live in a large farmhouse with a very long and wonderful porch, on 3 acres. Often I get ideas from my own home, my likes and interests.

At my home I usually have a chair by the door with a potted plant, wreath, or seasonal item on it…a sign on the wall next to the door, and potted flowers with coordinating colors nearby.


Shelves at my real farmhouse hold canning jars filled with goodies, baking ingredients, stacks of dishes, stacks of kitchen towels and tons of cookbooks. WE also have several hundred chickens and sell Fresh Eggs at our farm, so in miniature you will usually see a bowl of little fresh eggs  and farmhouse signs on display!


During the winter months we will sit on our porch, and I cuddle up with quilts, throw, afghans and pillows. You get the picture? If it is the least bit chilly I pull out the quilts. And in the winter, every porch needs a cute Hot Cocoa bar right? Notice the little jar on the left with layered hot cocoa, creamer and peppermints in it.


Below is the actual room I set up for the magazine. It was little too big, too wide, so I used a piece of foam core board and made a wall behind the fireplace and brought the room in to be a little cozier. The window allows light from my real window in my sewing room so that the pictures I take are not dark. I am blessed with a lot of natural light.

Notice the wall too…my version of shiplap. I removed the slats from an old distressed shutter and hot glued them to the wall behind the bed! In a closeup no one would ever know….so it is our little secret ok?




Bedding pattern including pillow instructions and embroidery pattern can be found here @ https://www.etsy.com/listing/460945700/rustic-winter-christmas-dollhouse?ga_search_query=pdf&ref=shop_items_search_6

Lots of goodies to be found here!


I love making little scenes. I have found great delight in making little vignettes from an actual room. I’m in the process of actually making bedding in a big size-regular human size! It will look a great deal like this picture. And the pillow? Yes I’m publishing this design too in life size. Easy to embroider and easy to make….should anyone want to make it!

But right now the miniature version of the pattern can be found here @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/RibbonwoodCottage


Let me know if you do the embroidery and the little bedding or pillow.

Hashtag #ribbonwoodcottage

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Blythe-dolls and doll bedding

Have  you noticed the doll craze with Blythe?  On Ebay along you can purchase a Blythe doll for oh….several hundred dollars or several thousand dollars. Depending on the make and the model. Hair color, eye color, whether the knees bend. I found a relatively inexpensive doll that works for my business….her legs do not bend which I thought would be fine, but it is problematic at times for certain photo props.

There are blogs, and Facebook Groups, Doll fashion pages all devoted solely to Blythe. How-to’s, DIY posts, furniture groups, Pinterest boards.

I was recently invited by someone to Blythe.com to design several things and bring my bedding and patterns.. Not being able to travel at this time, I have turned my efforts to my favorite thing! Doll bedding and doll bedding patterns. I love pretty beds that have pretty bedding on them.

Blythe doll beds are becoming more and more popular. I ended up re purposing a Barbie bed and spray  painted it for my doll bedding.

White for a Shabby Look, and I did another bed dark brown. Pink and purple weren’t my color of choice for this project and that is often what most Barbie Bed colors are.

Below is a vintage Ginny bed that I painted white.

11 inch Shabby Doll Bedding Set pattern

PDF instant download pattern is here @ https://www.etsy.com/listing/271202933/sewing-pattern-pdf-11-inch-fashion-doll?ga_search_query=blythe&ref=shop_items_search_8

Then quite by chance I found a few wooden beds online – pink (a vintage Ginny Bed). Ginny beds are a tiny bit shorter than what a Blythe doll needs. I believe they come in 10″-10 1/2″ long. What I ended up doing was making several pillows, pillow shams, so that when Blythe was laying on the bed she was sort of propped up in a half sitting position and that made the bed barely long enough.

If you must get a Blythe doll bed there are some lovely ones for sale on Etsy.

ruffled comforter

I created a very simple pattern, with plenty of pictures to make the basic mattress, flat sheet, pillowcase with the pillow insert, ruffled comforter and sham. Here it is shown in a simple neutral shade, but could be made in expensive silks, simple cottons and more.IMG_0206


Below I just used beautiful gray and cream silks, and beautiful bridal laces and trims.

IMG_0972 IMG_0977

When sewing doll bedding I used the simplest sewing methods + the prettiest fabric and trims. That always results in a pretty made bed!

Be sure to sign up for my free Ebook-French Doll Bedding in 3 different sizes. Just the basics. But a great start for bedding in 3 sizes. American Girl, Blythe/Barbie size and dollhouse miniature size.

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Free Fall Printables

Hey everyone I don’t know about you but I love free stuff. Free Printables have always been a favorite. Whether it is a free Vintage style printable, Free Cross stitch or Quilting pattern, or maybe  a printable I can use in one of my Organizational planners, they are always a great resource.  These are wonderful and vintage. I Love how they look.

Apples caramel fall square

Fall 2 fall 3 fall 5 kids fall wheat Acorn fall apple cider cake fall corn wheat stalks fallThese are a few of my favorite Fall Printables. I have printed some out, and just trimmed them down to fit a frame, or I have tucked them behind a fall vignette for a little extra color in a grouping.

Be sure you sign up for my VIP CLUB on my side bar and receive my Free Ebook too-Beautiful French Doll Bedding Pattern in 3 sizes.

pattern frontAmerican Girl Doll, Barbie/Blythe, and Miniature Dollhouse Size.

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Free Ebook-Beautiful French Doll Bedding in 3 Doll Sizes-

pattern front I’d love for you to receive my new Free Ebook-Beautiful French Doll Bedding Patterns and more. It has beautiful photos and directions for making lovely French Style doll bedding in 3 different sizes-American Girl Doll, Barbie Doll and Miniature Dollhouse sized bed. The bedding above is sized for an American Doll bed.

I don’t know about you but I love the French look. Sometimes it has a rustic feel, a farmhouse feel or elegant….

I love all of it. Love cream and black ticking fabric. It is a neutral that goes with just about everything. Below is the bedding for the miniature dollhouse sized bed. the patterns for all of these are in my new Free Ebook.IMG_7105

And then fabric with French handwriting on it. Ooh La La!  It is so romantic and lovely to look at.


The Eiffel tower is a place of romance and sheer discovery. I’ve been to France one time, and was in awe at the lights, the architecture, and the loveliness of the country.

Here is a free printable of the Eiffel tower.

Eiffel tower 2

two eiffel tower

I printed out the smaller ones onto white card stock and then decoupaged them onto the rectangle canvas (2″ x 3″) you see below and used it to decorate the dolls room! I also used scrapbook paper that had French script writing on it and decoupaged unfinished wood squares. once those dried i hot glued smaller square mirrors in the center and used those for wall decor.

This bedding is for a Barbie/Blythe doll sized bed. Each bed set is similar, the sizes are different. But in my Ebook I show pictures and guidelines for making all of them.

Be sure to sign up for my Ribbonwood Cottage VIP Club and you’ll receive the free Ebook. During the year I try to always give away free seasonal

goodies, coupons to my shops, fun things that everyone will enjoy




Americana Cottage Style Flag

Hey everyone! With July 4th right around the corner, I have been planning on decorating and cooking for the Holiday!

Joining in today @ Feathered Nest Friday~http://www.frenchcountrycottage.net/2016/06/feathered-nest-friday_30.html

We always have an enormous family get together and gathering. Food preparation takes a priority, with color schemes, matching plates, dishes, cups and centerpieces all reflecting Red, White and Blue.


IMG_9910We have a wonderful time eating! But the decorating is my favorite thing to do. I’m a Patriotic girl through and through. (These are miniatures I made in the past, with an Americana theme!)


These are all done in miniature. Little quilts, pillows and food items, all are fun in red, white and blue.

IMG_9913With that thought in mind I created a simple pattern to make a Cottage Style Americana flag. If you are like me and love to sew, then you enjoy buying fabric, lace, trim, rick rack, special items for sewing….it is fun!



Flag pattern is so easy with simple to follow instructions and photos.


Are you doing anything fun for July 4th?




Shabby and Cottage Style Americana Boho Flag

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you these cute flags. They are everywhere….I’ve seen them on sewing sites and they are so cute I had to make some in miniature. They have a Shabby/Boho/Cottage flavor to them. But for someone who sews, they are wonderful because of all the various fabrics that can be used! These are little and fun to make.IMG_5664


So I started looking through my stash, picking fabrics…Americana, reds and blues, then coastal colors, then shabby colors. Before you know it I had yards and yards of fabric, that I would only use a little bit of, and snipped it into 1/2″ wide strips that were several inches long. I also got out all kinds of laces and trims, making strips for the flags from those too.


My shop has the picture pattern and directions if you want to see how to make them. https://www.etsy.com/listing/386911646/miniature-country-shabby-flag-and-union?ref=shop_home_active_1

They  are wonderful for res-purposing your lace, trims, buttons, and extra fabric. You can go for a modern look, Americana look, or shabby, prim look….I have made several so far! I just love them.IMG_5671

How fun! It is a wonderful little pattern, and yet gives very cute results!

I hope you make several. I’d love to see your creations!