Little quilts

My grandmother taught me basic quilting skills. She may have not realized the fire it started inside me! I have loved sewing, stitching and creating quilts big and little!

I try to use my knowledge for making regular sized quilts and adapt it for a small version. Using all the things I have learned a long the way making the process simple and easier for anyone following along! The quilt below is extremely easy to make using my tips and techniques. I figured out a few shortcuts and couldn’t believe the end result!

Love the pretty geometric look of the quilt.

The Star quilt is one of my favorites. This version for a magazine layout ended up being 7″ x 7″.

The key is to use pretty fabric + simple patterns.

When making a pattern I always go for simple so that someone sewing doesn’t get frustrated and give up! Does that happen to you? Then you end up never finishing the project because it was so upsetting! I hate that!

Next I’ll be sharing my grandmothers quilts. She taught me a love for beautiful fabric, and quilt patterns.

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