Spring Decor in the Dining Room at the Ribbonwood Cottage Farmhouse

Almost 30 years ago my husband and I purchased 3 acres with a small barn, chicken coop and a farmhouse.  It has taken a lot of hard

work and chores to pull that little home together. Our kids are grown but come home for the Holidays.


Looking forward to Spring and Easter, flowers, and poppies blooming everywhere. It is a gorgeous sight to behold!

Every year we get more and more daffodils that pop up. They are a welcome sight after the snow and colder weather.


I still have our old Farmhouse wallpaper from 30 years ago. It is hard to part with but someday we will give this dining room a fresh newer look. For now it has a vintage feel.


Under the cabinets I have our Christmas twinkle lights. I just never wanted to take them down. I love how they look at night.

I often set the table so that when you walk in the dining room it is the first thing you see. If I don’t set the table my hubby drops his farm magazines, seed and animal catalogs, cow wormer, you name it. If it is farm stuff it will get dropped on the table…..FOREVAH……

OH MY this picture is about 10 years old. I made the table runner and the cupcakes to match. I covered the chairs with white slipcovers made from vintage tablecloths. They were pretty ugly….the chairs were. So they had to get covered. We have gotten an all new table and chair set for our dining room and the old table and chairs is on our back porch for summer and spring company when the weather is nicer.

Well that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed my little Spring decor dining room tour. We love our farmhouse!



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