3 Life choices-New Business, New Direction, New Education!

Since your skin is the first thing people see, doesn’t it make sense to just take care of it….like you would your car, your home, your hair?

I first became a consultant for Rodan + Fields, when my
current job of 25 years didn’t fit my life. I had to quit my job to take care of my wonderful parents. A new responsibility and one
I decided to navigate well and with purpose. I had been an Administrative assistant to a Nationally known Minister and speaker.
A wonderful job in so many ways. But as my parents needed to move in with my husband and I, I had to make a choice and I ended
up quitting my job. That career box didn’t meet the criteria of my new responsibilities.

A good friend recommended Rodan + Fields. I said no thanks, I don’t do direct sales. Over the next hour he encouraged me to try this
new Company, work from home, take care of my parents while working when I could, and making an income. I argued, said no….said… yes.

I can’t believe I almost walked away from the opportunity. I had to do something, and I had to make income while fulfilling what I
felt I needed to do. This couldn’t have been a more perfect choice…uncomfortable for my comfort zone. But very workable, very smart, and what I didn’t realize I needed.
business 6

All my training was online by everyday men and women who were making a great deal of money….and they were so helpful, nice and supportive. I hadn’t met too many people in business like this. They had nothing to gain by how I did. Yet every day I went online and read, educated myself, listened to training videos and calls. I wanted to represent myself well as a new Consultant. This was new, but I was determined to navigate
this new direction well. And there were so many people right there to answer every question and encourage me every step of the way. I loved it!

Before I knew it I was encouraged to start my team, my inner circle of Consultants to share with and train together with. Several
favorite people were on my list and I talked to them and encouraged them to try this new opportunity with me.

Meanwhile my parents needed full time care, and I was able to love them and be with them till the end of their lives. And I couldn’t
have done this while trying to fit into a box of a career or a full time job I had to drive to. Now I had a team, customers, I was training….
my college degree Social Work and Counseling wasn’t a fit for this season of my life, neither was my old job. And I LOVED what I was
doing, all the training, from people who had had personal set backs, divorces, or life altering changes, were all so encouraging.
I couldn’t believe I had originally said no!

Nothing about this business is hard. Every question answered, every attempt at this new business is encouraged, and my skin
problems I had had for 40+ years were gone. For the first time ever, my skin cleared up, spots disappeared, wrinkles diminished…
I was speechless. I had been cynical….so I honestly was speechless. And I quickly made what I would consider monthly income.

Now I am able to do what I love and work from home. I have a side business where I create, design and make patterns, handmade necessities and dollhouse miniatures and sell them all over the world. I get to do what I love and Rodan + Fields gives me the time freedom to do this, all because I made an uncomfortable change in my life.

Now I can’t possibly go back to the box I once fit in.V18A

New Business, New Direction and this New Education has created a New Me….and I’m rather fond of the New Season I am in.

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